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Bajuni Language Overview:

The Bajuni principally inhabit the tiny Bajuni Islands in the Indian Ocean. Many also traditionally reside in Kenya, mainly in Mombasa and other towns in that country's Coast Province. Some are also found in the Kismayo region in more northerly Somalia.

The population's members trace their origins to diverse groups, primarily coastal Bantu and bushmanoid hunter-gather groups, as well as later additions such as Arab, Persian and Cushitic immigrants.

The Bajuni are traditionally fishermen and sailors. Some also pursue other trades such as metalwork.



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Bajuni facts...


Bajuni (Kibajuni), also known as Tikulu (Tikuu), is a variety of Swahili spoken by the Bajuni people who inhabit the tiny Bajuni Islands and coastal Kenya, in addition to parts of southern Somalia, where they constitute a minority ethnic group. Maho considers it a distinct language.