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Maryland has an estimated population of 5,616,000. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Maryland has the highest median household income of any state at $68,000 in 2007, overtaking New Jersey in 2006. The majority of Maryland's population is concentrated in the cities and suburbs surrounding Washington, DC and Maryland's most populous city, Baltimore. It bears two nicknames, the Old Line State and the Free State. Maryland has wide array of climates for a state of its size. It depends on numerous variables, such as proximity to water, elevation, and protection from colder weather due to downslope winds. Maryland is a life sciences hub with over 350 biotechnology firms, making it the third-largest such cluster in the nation.

*Maryland has a large food-production sector. A large component of this is commercial fishing, centered in Chesapeake Bay. The largest catches by species are the blue crab, oysters, striped bass, and menhaden. Maryland has large areas of fertile agricultural land in its coastal and Piedmont zones. Agriculture is oriented to dairying (especially in foothill and piedmont areas) for nearby large city milksheads plus specialty perishable horticulture crops, such as cucumbers, watermelons, sweet corn, tomatoes, muskmelons, squash, and peas. With two major metropolitan areas, Maryland has a number of major and minor professional sports franchises. Two National Football League teams play in Maryland, the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore and the Washington Redskins in Prince George's County. The Baltimore Orioles are the state's Major League Baseball franchise, with the Washington Nationals located nearby in Washington D.C. The National Hockey League's Washington Capitals and the National Basketball Association's Washington Wizards formerly played in Maryland, until the construction of a Washington arena in 1997.

Language Marketplace has been providing professional Interpretation and Translation services in Maryland to a wide range of clients for many years.

We have English | Spanish | French language coordinator and conference interpreter services. Below is a list of towns and cities in Maryland that Language Marketplace presently has customers:

Translation Services in Annapolis
Translation Services in Baltimore
Translation Services in Bowie
Translation Services in Frederick
Translation Services in Gaithersburg
Translation Services in Hagerstown
Translation Services in Rockville


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The first umbrella factory in the U.S., in 1928, was located in Baltimore!