What Bible Translation is closest to the original Hebrew/Greek?

Question by : What Bible Translation is closest to the original Hebrew/Greek?
I’ve heard Young’s Literal Translation but in some ways that translation is worse than the KJV with all the thees and thous and thys. What translation is closest to the original Hebrew/Greek in modern English?

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Answer by Uncle Guess Who
A KJ Greek Hebrew key note Bible. — be ready to see some shocking mistranslations by current TV evangelical preachers.

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  1. http://www.bible-reviews.com says:

    Well, understand that there are problems with this question. A word-for-word literal translation, *tends* to be a less accurate translation! This is a well-recognized symptom of very literal translation.

    SO, *if* what you want is an English translation that very closely resembles the underlying language – which would *only* be truly useful for someone who is fluent in the underlying language – then any scholarly interlinear translation would be best. You can do a search for “interlinear bible” or look at this link for really powerful original language translation software

    The next step “upward” (that is, toward grammatically correct English and toward more accurate conveying of meaning in English) is a very word-for-word literal translation. Here, the New American Standard Bible is the most literal and highly regarded, but lacks the Apocrypha. The Revised Standard Version (RSV, not NRSV) is the most highly regarded literal translation that includes the Apocrypha. The ESV, a modern translation that is fairly literal, will have an edition with the Apocrypha early in 2009.

    The final step “upward” is a modern, scholarly translation into English. What these translations attempt is to convey the *meaning* of the original text into English as accurately and precisely as possible without regard for word-for-word literal translation. The best-regarded of these are probably the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV, rightly accused of over-use of inclusive language) and the New Jerusalem Bible (my favorite translation). Both of these are available complete with Apocrypha (the NJB contains only the Roman Catholic canon, which includes all but 3 of the scriptures of the Apocrypha).

    SO, that’s the scoop. Not as obvious as you thought, is it? In my opinion (and it *is* my opinion) the NJB is the most accurate translation available today that includes the Apocrypha. I have *heard* very good things of the ESV, but I have not had the opportunity to evaluate it myself.

    My review of the NJB

    My recommendations (based on your purpose)

    About the accuracy of English translations (not complete, but useful)


  2. Bill says:

    On the TV program “Jeopardy” the question was asked: “What is the most accurate translation of the Bible in circulation today?”

    No one knew the answer, which is understandable.

    The correct answer to the question was: “New World Translation” that Jehovah’s Witnesses use.

    10 of the most used Bibles including the King James were put to the test by Bible Scholars, none of these Bible Scholars were Jehovah’s Witnesses. They were Scholars of the World.

    Not only is it the most accurate, but it is in “modern language” like you and I speak today, so you will be able to understand the information that you are reading.

  3. franhu - SDA says:

    The most accurate English Bible is the King James Bible

    It was translated directly from the Textus Receptus.

    May God bless you as you study His Word

    <: )))><

  4. Jesus boy says:

    contrary to popular belief, the KJV is actually not very accurate. the NASB is probably the most accurate.

  5. Donna says:

    I think the New King James version is good or the Nelson Study Bible.

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