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Language Marketplace has been providing professional translation services in Newport News to a wide range of clients for many years. All of our professionals are "mother-tongue" translators and interpreters - no software can duplicate their quality of work. Our translators have a university degree and belong to professional translators' associations, where available - either in the USA or in-country of origin. Beyond any accreditation, at Language Marketplace, we only keep the best through an ongoing system of continual assessment, as every document is also proofread by our experienced senior proofreaders. 

About Newport News

Newport News is an independent city in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area of Virginia. Newport News Parks is responsible for the maintenance of thirty-two city parks. The smallest is less than half an acre. The largest, Newport News Park, is 8,065 acres, the second-largest city park in the United States.

The older "downtown" area was part of the earlier portion which became a city in 1896. The earlier city portions includes the traditional downtown area, the shipyard and coal piers. After World War II, public housing projects and lower income housing were built to improve housing in what is now known as the East End or "The Bottom" by locals. The city expanded primarily westward and highways were built. The shipyard and coal facilities, and other smaller harbor-oriented businesses have remained vibrant.

Location of City Hall:
2400 Washington Ave.
Newport News, VA 23607
United States

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