Instruction manual translation has gained a great deal of importance in the United States with the greater emphasize on growth through exports. Manufacturers can only sell their products if accompanied by very clear instructions translated into the official language or languages of the country where they are being sold. The European Union has banned items with poorly translated instructions and labeling. Currently, the sale of any product with unclear or incomplete instructions can, in addition to damaging the image of the manufacturer or distributor can bring about serious financial losses and even legal action.

Language Marketplace regularly works on instruction manual translation projects for a diverse assortment of organizations and in varied fields. Whether you want a language neutral translation, or a translation tailored according to the culture in which the targeted language is spoken, we have the experts who can get it done for you.

Every product which requires a degree of “usage” is accompanied with an instruction manual. Instruction manuals are also prime component for many organizations –they are key components to ensuring that processes are consistent, understandable, and transferable to its employees. As an example, let’s look at understanding the contents of a instruction manual on how a “machine” works. It specifies how to operate the machine, how to fix it in case of a problem and how to maintain it. The importance of a manual can be gauged from the famous adage, “when all else fails, read the manual”. Since machines are exported and imported across the globe, it becomes essential to translate user manuals into different languages. While translating a machinery manual, it is important to ensure the message does not gets distorted when translated from its source to its target. Even tables, graphs, drawings, and photos need to be properly handled in the instruction manual translation process.

Below are some of the terms used for the various types of instruction manuals:
Instructions for use
Installation guides
Schematic diagrams
User interfaces
Quick start guides
Quick-reference guides
Operating instructions
Operating manuals
Instruction booklets
Maintenance manuals
Service manuals
Set-up instructions
User's guides
User's manuals
Users' guides
Users' manuals

Language Marketplace charges based on source text

Instruction manuals in French, Italian, and especially German can be up to 30% longer than their English documents equivalents, while ideographic scripts like Chinese and Japanese are generally shorter.
You must prepare for this expanded content. If your translation service provider is responsible for formatting the translated text, ensure that they have instructions on how to handle these issues.

Localization is built-in by using mother-tongue translators

Sound terminology management is critical when translating instruction manuals and its associated documentation. The style and structure of your original text affects the quality of its translation. Keep sentences short, clear, and to the point; avoid idioms and flowery language structures. The use of an organizations style guide and official vocabularies can help get the terminology database up to speed very quickly.

Language Marketplace uses CAT tools for efficiency and savings

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools will greatly improve project efficiency you’re your organization requires the translation of the same instruction manual documentation many times, with only minor changes from one version to the next, a translation memory database can automate most of the work and allows for huge costs savings! CAT tools are not the same thing as machine translation.
Language Marketplace can advise you on how we use these technologies to meet professional human translation services.

File Organization is KEY to a smooth project

Many instruction manual translation projects have more than one file and the majority of these translations encompass large volumes of text, images and formats. It is important to keep all documents in their original, editable file formats. It is vitally important to keep your file structure tidy and labeling methodology easy to navigate.

Peer review of projects by your in-country staff helps inclusivity

It is a great idea to perform “peer review” of the translated material by having a small portion translated, and then have it reviewed by your own in-country staff. This kind of trial run gives both parties the chance to identify and fix problems before investing in a major translation project.

Proven instruction manual translation capabilities

Language Marketplace provides instruction manuals translation services based on our proven processes according to ISO 17100 –Translation Services Certification which ensures that the language translation services we provide to our clients is of the current highest level in our industry. We are able to deliver accurate, reliable and cost-effective translation services into over 140 languages. We have the language skills and subject-area expertise to meet all of your communications needs.

Our Instruction Manual Language expertise

Language Marketplace provides translation services for a wide range of instructional documents. We provide certified translators with knowledge and expertise in various fields. All our translators are assigned based on the subject of your technical document. Our streamlined processes and quality assurance procedures allow us to focus both our internal and external resources on providing translation services for technical manuals and/or any type of technical documentation that needs to be translated, into any language. Language Marketplace provides instructional document translation services, translated and proofread by a second translator, and thus enabling our customers to expand to new markets worldwide with confidence.

The languages we translate and interpret

We provide translation services for a large number of corporations and government institutions in all key markets in any language that our clients may require. Our vast experience in translating instructional documents into a wide range of languages has allowed our client’s entry into regions such as Central and Eastern Europe, South America, China and South East Asia. Our ability to assist our clients fast and efficiently when they require their instructional manuals translated or any other document translated into multi-languages has been a key to our success.