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Farsi Language Overview:

Farsi-Eastern is a language spoken in Afghanistan. Eastern Farsi can be classified as Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Western, Southwestern and Persian.

Regions Spoken: Eastern Farsi is also spoken in Iran (800,000 people in Iran speak Eastern Farsi) and Pakistan. The numerous dialects of Dari are spoken in Khorasan Province (Iran) and in the provinces of Heart, Hazarajat, Balkh, Ghor, Ghazni, Budaksham, Panjsher, and Galcha-Pamir Mountains and Kabul regions.

Population: The total population of people who speak Eastern Farsi in Afghanistan is 5,600,000 as of 1996. The total population of all Eastern Farsi speakers in the world is 7,600,000 (this means that 2,000,000 people outside Afghanistan speak Eastern Farsi).
Alternate Names: Some other names for Eastern Farsi are Persian, Dari and Parsi.

Dialects: Some different dialects of Farsi are Dari (Afghan Farsi, Herati, Tajiki, Kaboli, Kabuli and Khorasani) and Parsiwan. Formal style of Farsi in Afghanistan is close to Tehrani Persian and the informal style of Farsi in Afghanistan is closer to Tajiki. Also there is a secret language that used among the goldsmiths called Zagari (Morghuli), which is based on a Persian dialect.

Brief History: Eastern Farsi is a national language and is spoken among people of the Muslim (Sunni and Shi’a) faith/religion. The language is taught in schools, was used in Arabic script, on radio programs and NT from 1982-1985.



Farsi facts...


Farsi, also known as Persian, is the most widely spoken member of the Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian languages, a subfamily of the Indo-European languages.

It is the language of Iran (formerly Persia) and is also widely spoken in Afghanistan and, in an archaic form, in Tajikistan and the Pamir Mountain region.

There are over 40 million Farsi speakers (first and second language).