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Finnish Language Overview:

Finnish is a language of Finland. Finnish can be classified as Uralic and Finnic.

Regions Spoken: Finnish is also spoken in Canada, Estonia, Norway, Russia (Europe), Sweden, and the USA.

The total population of people who speak Finnish in Finland is 4,700,000, as of 1993. That number includes the people who speak Tornedalen Finnish (30,000 people). Also the total population of all of the Finnish-speaking people in the whole world is 5,232,728 (which means that 532,728 people who speak Finnish outside of Finland).

Alternate Names: Other names for the Finnish language are Suomi and Suomea.

Dialects: There are a number of Finnish dialects: Southwestern Finnish, Hame (Tavast), South Pohjanmaa, Central and North Pohjanmaa, Perapohja, Savo (Savolax), and Southeastern Finnish (Finnish Karjala, Finnish Karelian). Finnish is closely related to Karelian and Olonetsian. And in Russia, eastern dialects merge gradually into Karelian.

Brief History: Finnish is an official language and about 300,000 people who speak Finnish also speak Swedish. Finnish was also used in the Bible from 1642-1991 and is most people who speak Finnish are of the Christian religion.



Finnish facts...

Finland has the highest level of academic achievements of all surveyed countries for reading, mathematics and sciences. However, it also has the lowest percentage of children 'liking school a lot' (only 8%).

Since 2004, Finland has regularly been ranked as 2nd or 3rd best country for the State of the World’s Mothers by Save the Children.

Finnish language (a.k.a. Suomi) is an non Indo-European language belonging to the Uralic family, along with Estonian and Hungarian.

The Finns are the world's biggest coffee drinkers, gulping down no less than 12 kg of the black substance annually, twice more than the Italians, three times more than the Americans, and four times more than the Brits.