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Georgian Language Overview:

Georgian is a language that is spoken in Georgia. Georgian can be classified as Kartvelian and Georgian.

Regions Spoken: Georgian is spoken in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia (Asia), Tajikistan, Turkey (Asia), Turkmenistan, Ukraine, the USA, and Uzbekistan.

Population: There are 3,901,380 people who speak Georgian in Georgia, as of 1993. And the total population of all Georgian speakers in the world is 4,178,604 (which means that 277,224 people speak Georgian outside of Georgia).

Alternate Names: Other names for the Georgian language are Kartuli, Gruzinski, and Common Kartvelian.

Dialects: There are several dialects of Georgian: Imeretian, Racha-Lexchxum (Lechkhum), Gurian, Adzhar (Acharian), Imerxev Kartlian, Kaxetian (Kakhetian), Ingilo, Tush, Xevsur (Kheysur), Moxev (Mokhev), Pshav, Mtiul, Ferejdan, and Meskhur-Javakhuri. Imerxev is in Turkey and Ferejdan is no longer spoken in Iran.

Brief History: Georgian is an official language. The Meskhi are ethnically Georgian, speak Georgian, are Eastern Orthodox and live in southwestern Georgia. Georgian was used in the Bible from 1743-1989. People who speak Georgian may be a part of the Christian (Georgian Orthodox) faith or the Muslim (Sunni and Shi’a) faith.



Georgian facts...

The Georgian language is a Kartvelian language spoken by Georgians.

It is the official language of Georgia, a country in the Caucasus.

Georgian is written in its own unique writing system, the Georgian alphabet. Georgian is the literary language for all regional subgroups of Georgians, including those who speak other Kartvelian languages such as Svans, Mingrelians and Lazs.

Georgian is spoken by about 4.1 million people mainly in Georgia, and also in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran.