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Kurdish Language Overview:

Kurdish (Central) is a language of Iraq. Central Kurdish has a classification of Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Western, Northwestern, and Kurdish.

Regions Spoken:
Central Kurdish is spoken in areas like: South of the Great Zab River, in the provinces of Suleimaniye, Arbil, Kirkuk, Khanaqin, and Mandali. The Kurdish speakers are all over the world, like Western Europe, USA and Iran

Population: The population of people who speak Central Kurdish in Iraq is 462,000, as of 2004. The total population of people who speak Central Kurdish in the whole world is 3,712,000 (this means that 3,250,000 people speak central Kurdish outside Iraq).

Alternate Name: Some other names for Kurdish (Central) are Kurdi and Sorani.

Dialects: Some dialects of Kurdish (Central) are Hewleri (Arbili), Xoshnaw, Pizhdar, Suleimani (Silemani), Warmawa, Rewandiz, Bingird, Mukri, Kerkuki, and Garmiyani.

Brief History: Central Kurdish is an official language. It is a language of wider communication and a language with a positive attitude. The fictional standard of the language is based on Sorani (from Suleimaniye). Central Kurdish was used in modified Arabic script. People who speak Central Kurdish tend to be of the Muslim (Sunni) faith.




Kurdish facts...


Kurdish is the language of more than twenty million Kurds living in a vast unbroken territory.

Kurdish belongs to the family of Indo-European languages and to the Irano-Aryan group of this family. Kurdish, the language of the Kurds, which belongs to the north-westem group of Irano-Aryan languages, has never had the opportunity to become unified and its dialects are generally separated into three groups with distinct similarities between them.

The biggest group, as regards the number of people who speak it, is the northern Kurdish, commonly called "Kurmanjî", spoken by the Kurds living in Turkey, Syria, the USSR and by some of the Kurd's living in Iran and Iraq.

This language is also spoken by 200,000 Kurdophones settled around Kabul, in Afghanistan.