Body Language Flirting with Women

enable you to escalate the situation to something more personal. If you are getting close to her and she seems to be pulling away, then you have not created ENOUGH attraction with her yet. Stepping up your flirting might help, but you will also need to realize where you went wrong. So revert to making her feel safe and secure again. Don’t be over possessive though and move in close if she doesn’t want this to happen. You will make her feel uncomfortable.

3. Get physical with her in small steps.

Some guys seem to think that being more aggressive with a woman is a way to assert dominance and she will then respect you more and thus, be much more attracted to you. This is true but only to a certain point. If you are too aggressive when you are physically flirting with her, then you can turn from her prince charming into a royal creep very quickly in her eyes. Always be understanding of their needs and take small steps to achieving a physical closeness. Things like touching her on the small of her back, or on the inside of her knee all work to build attraction with a woman, without taking it too far and too quick.

4. Making eye contact is probably the most important aspect. As they say you can see the soul through the eyes. So make sure you give her some chemistry in your glint as you catch her eye.

Getting a womens gaze is the quick way to recognise your onto a winner. Holding her in that sparkled state will completely dominate the mood. She really will be attracted to you and is you see her eyes sparkle then you know you are the one. What you never want to make the mistake of doing, is, appearing like you are staring at her. ladies don’t like to feel like a fella is staring at them. They want to feel like they are being looked at lovingly and with affection instead.

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Sep 13, 2011 at 2:48 PM

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