Learn French Language Immediately

Learn French Language Immediately

Hello I am currently a French immersion student. In a short time I will successfully graduate as a French/English bilingual student. I can tell you that learning French has been quite the time. It has been very hard but easy at some points. So what you really want to do is ask yourself: Am I ready to learn the French language?

A lot of people when they begin taking French classes or begin the process of teaching themselves French think it is going to be easy. However, French is one of the most difficult languages to learn for two main reasons. French has 10 times the amount of verbs and literal meanings as the English language does. Teaching yourself French or learning it in a classroom can be very hard and not always easy. Although French has its ups, like, for instance, speaking your way through the heart of France or charming one of your lady friends at dinner, it can be very frustrating and depressing during the beginning of the learning process.

When you are attempting to learn French from a class, you should practice your literal meanings and verbs a lot with your friends. These two linguistic factors are key roles in the process of learning the French language itself.

Verbs are probably the hardest area of the French language to learn. They are frustrating and at certain points in the learning process can almost make you break down and cry. Although after you learn the basic verbs the rest are much easier to learn. What you have to understand about the French language is that you have to bare with it and grasp it by the horns or else it will rip you to shreds. This applies especially to the verbs

A great learning tool that I used all through school was called a Bescherelle. It has been my savior a couple of times. It has helped me pass big exams and tests in my French class and can help me with almost any verb in the French language. I am very happy to share this book with others who are not aware of it.

To learn the French language by yourself can be a very difficult way to learn French. I do not know of anyone that has tried this but I’m sure there are people doing it all over the world. You could try to be one of them. My advice to you when learning French by yourself is to speak it all the time. Go into a French speaking area in your town and try starting up conversations with French speaking people. Try to understand their literal meanings and the expressions they use when speaking. Once you grasp this, you can read, write, and speak French more fluently.

My personal learning experience of the French language has been really surprising. I have found out many different things about the French culture and how it has been changed. I learned all about the French revolution which increased my understanding of French history. This has improved my studies and helped improve my understanding of the French language.

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