Which translation of the Bible is closest to the original?

Question by ♣Jim♦: Which translation of the Bible is closest to the original?
The more fundamental christians say the original King James, others say the new revised standard or the international version. Which translation is closest to the the original? In other words, what is the best translation?

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Answer by desireenyankees2
New world Translation that the Jehovah’s Witnesses use it doesn’t take out Jehovah as God’s name and replace it with LORD or GOD.

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  1. eezy_jex ® says:

    Closest to the original?
    I do always use KJV, NASB and Douay Rheims.

    Those were closest to the original.


  2. tripageous says:

    The hebrew version of the old testament, and greek version of the new.

  3. Persephone says:

    The King James version of the Bible is an edited and rewritten version of the Geneva version of the Bible. The New Standard version or New American Bible are the closest translations to the original text and they don’t have books edited out like the King James version or the New International Versions do.

  4. Passive Heretic says:

    None of them, looking for God in a book is like looking for chastity in a brothel.

    Free your mind before it’s used against you!


  5. Paul M says:

    Even the KJV translators recommended using other translations. There are several modern translations that are very good….the NKJV, the NASB and the NIV are among the best. I read both Greek and Hebrew. No language has a word to word perfect correspondence to another language. That is why study and comparing translations is required.
    The New World translation is one of the most biased and least accurate translations. All objective scholars agree on that point.

  6. Wolf says:

    find the Hebrew version, that will be as close as possible.

  7. Breanne says:

    I think the older translations of the american standard bible are the most accurate.

  8. Liberal AssKicker says:

    Probably the Hebrew version of the Masoretic Text.

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