What is the difference between a “version” and a “translation of the Bible?

Question by Kevin: What is the difference between a “version” and a “translation of the Bible?
Is a translation taken from the original text and a version taken from another translation?
So why is the KJV a version rather than a translation?

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Ray D

Jan 02, 2016 at 6:29 AM

Simply put the translation is a word for word copy from the original Scriptures. A version is someone’s idea of what is trying to be said that’s why there are so many versions. If people would read the Bible no one would be spending money on paper or ink to print versions of the Bible and that is the basic reason why gods name is not found in version but all translations of the Bible taken from the original manuscripts will have the name Jehovah in at over 7000 times Google it. Would you want to know what God is saying or would you depend on someone else’s interpretation to tell you what they think God is saying. Your very life depends upon receiving accurate information from God himself not from someone else’s version of what they think God means. The jails are full of people who believe that they will go to heaven because that is someone’s interpretation/version of what the Bible says.

4 יהוה

Apr 03, 2011 at 7:02 AM

There are so many versions of the Bible! But they have changed some of the facts mainly Jehovah’s name! So in the cloud they created in their versions of the Bible, came the growth of the trinity belief and it was able to flourish. It really doesn’t matter what version you pick, Jehovah’s name will be eliminated or at best greatly reduced.

But hey, what can you expect? When the law officers at the seen of the crime ask for details of what happened, they ask you for- “your version of the story” right? They know it’s not going to be what happened exactly, it’s going to be about or an approximation of what happened. But wouldn’t it be better to have someone to tell you exactly what happened? Even if they spoke a different language so what! It’s exactly what happened! Just get the details translated!

There is a Bible that does just that, it’s called the “New World Translation Of The Holy Scriptures”. It translates the whole, complete, uncut writing of the original Holy Scriptures. Now you don’t need to be reading Bible’s that admittedly claim to be a version of the real thing!

American Standard Version
New International Version
King James Version
English Standard Version
Contemporary English Version
New King James Version
New Century Version
21st Century King James Version
New International Reader’s Version
New International Version – UK
New International Version 1984
Douay Version
Revised Version
and many more.

“Revised version” sounds even further from the real thing. It reminds me of that game called “Telephone”, you really don’t know what your going to wind up with. But thats a game, our spirituality is not a game.

“The New World Translation Of The Holy Scriptures”. It even sounds better. They even left the name of the author of the Book in His Book! Now that’s nice, and a very accurate translation!

Regarding Gods name alone “Jehovah”, it is found nearly 7,000 times in the Hebrew scriptures alone. In the Hebrew Scriptures the New World Translation contains the divine name 6,973 times, because the translators took into account, among other things, the fact that in some places the scribes had replaced the divine name with ’Adhonai′ or ’Elohim′. The very frequency of the appearance of the name attests to its importance to the Bible’s Author, whose name it is. Its use throughout the Scriptures far outnumbers that of any of the titles, such as “Sovereign Lord” or “God,” applied to him.

When I get to know someone, I want to know their name up front. A persons name is so important not only to that person but also to the person that is admiring the person with that name. When a Bible uses Gods name it is very easy to see the difference between Jesus and Jehovah, very distinct persons yet in full harmony with each other.

Jehovah’s name is very rich in meaning also, it means “He Causes to Become”. Jehovah can make anything happen He wants or needs to happen to fit His will or purpose as we will all see in the VERY near future! May Jehovah be with us all!

Harry O

Apr 03, 2011 at 6:50 AM

None really

i aint know

Apr 03, 2011 at 5:29 AM

NOW that’s a great question …

no one is playing telephone line and repeating the word of god to someone else they go back to the original texts possibly with better scholarly understanding of the language .. if anything the scriptures are getting clearer ..
good point


Apr 03, 2011 at 5:26 AM

They are the same thing, some words have no equivalent in another language so to translate the meaning of the original is modified somewhat.

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