Many companies and individuals use machine translation to interpreting the marketing documents, websites and other documents. Can machine translation be an alternative to professional translators read on.

Machine translation uses phrases, and words that are stored in a database. It cannot store the words according to the context. When you need translation, you have a context and you will need a suitable translation to address the context. Only suitable words from the database will not help to write a good sentence. Your customer when reading will not get a clear picture of what you desire to communicate, he or she will think you have compromised to info him on your product or services. This will end up in you not getting a positive response for your activity.

Why do people do machine translation? Is it for the cost of convenience?

Most of the clock people speculate, so they wear’t desire to spend. Many times for some formulate they find the machine translation to show the correct word, so they believe it to be right for all contexts. Some think machine translation is free? Why should I use human translators?

The answer is simple. Human translators use their brain, they know why this translation is carried out, the purpose is clear to them so they write accordingly. Machine will not know your objective, it will deliver what is fed. Wont you need your prospect to appreciate you for writing to them!. Think and act. Use professional translators.

Using professional translators? Is it expensive and time consuming?

It is expensive if you compare it with machine translation, as machine translation is literally free. If you want your business to grow in other markets, if you want your website visitors to stay with your products and service, you need to professional translators in Malaysia. Professional translators bring accuracy and nativity to translation, so if you are communicating to a Finnish audience or a Spanish audience, they translation will be local. They will write for the audience keeping the current trends, purchasing pattern and the profiles in mind. So it is advised to use professional translators in Kuala Lumpur than machine translation for business purposes.

Should I work with a translator or a translation agency? Which one is better and cheaper?

There are 3 stages to the activity. Translation, proof reading and validation. Only a certified translation agency in Malaysia with a process in place will do all these 3 before the served is delivered to the client. An individual translator, however good he or she in work will not engage another professional resource, as there is a conflict of interest. Only translation agencies in Malaysia can do this. Some times these individuals also use machine and use their professional skills to do the proof reading and submitted. In that case as a client you should only pay for proof reading. Why you are ask to pay more? more over using machine translation for business is not advisable as your prospective customer will expect you to act professionally and provide accurate information to him. Translation services in Malaysia are not expensive. Engage a professional translation agency in Malaysia will always be better for your business than an individual or a machine

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