There are hundreds of languages spoken all over the world but knowledge and information need to be communicated beyond the barriers of language. Reputable translation companies are there to facilitate this specialized multi-lingual information transfer. Translating text information from one language to another is both a skill and an art. Simply having a good grasp of two languages does not qualify an individual as a professional translator.

Professional translators need extensive academic training in language-related subjects and/or specialized subject matters, whether they complete work for a translation company in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver or any other location. The skills of a good translator must be matched to the subject matter that requires translation. Specialized subject matters include technology, science, engineering, manufacturing, law, finance, accounting, medicine, pharmacology, social sciences, literature and many other fields.

Here is a general guideline for individuals who wish to become professional translators:

Where possible, translators should translate into their native language. They will simply have much better grasp and fluency of their native language than of their second or third language. Translating into their native language will also be much faster for them, using their time more efficiently. And because a lot of translation projects are compensated based on the length of the document, faster translations result in more money for the same amount of time spent.

Secondly, a translator must have an excellent command of both the source and the target languages. Solid knowledge of the source language will ensure that the project is properly understood and can then be competently translated into the target language. A professional translator needs to have in-depth knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, idioms and stylistics in both languages in order to produce a proper high-quality text in the target language.

The next critical point is that the translator must have extensive knowledge of the specialized subject matter of the text at hand. A high level of general linguistic knowledge is not sufficient when translating complex texts in highly specialized subject matters. For instance for translating technical documents, a translator working for any translation Calgary, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver based company must have extensive knowledge of the specialized field and have a proficient grasp of the technical concepts and the associated vocabulary in both languages.

They have to be a true subject matter expert of the field that they have specialized in.

Plus, it is important for a translator to have solid writing skills in the target language as literal translations generally do not produce good results. The translator must be capable of understanding the meaning, the connotations and subtle nuances in the source text and be able to convey these subtleties in the translated text.

Essentially, the translated text should come across like an original piece of work in the target language. Ideally, after reading the translated version the reader should not be able to realize that he or she is reading a translated version. They should have the impression that the text they are reading was written in the target language. This is where the true skill and talent of a translator becomes apparent.

When trying to locate a good translation Calgary, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver based company you need to reassure yourself that your translation provider invests great effort into selecting the best translators. High-quality translation companies will carefully select their translators based on academic background and experience, and many will even test them to ensure that the translator indeed delivers outstanding work on time.

At a time when people, ideas, cultures and business activities need to easily transcend international borders, it is critical that language barriers be overcome.. So, next time when you are looking for a translation Calgary, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver based company, inquire about the qualifications of their translators to get an idea of the quality you can expect.

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