Translations from Chinese language are some of the most demanded services both by companies and private persons. As usual, there are some major companies that cooperate for many years with Chinese partners, establishing strong business relationships with them. In this respect, they needed to employ their own translators but there are still a lot of companies and businessmen who appeal to the agencies or independent translators, also called “freelancers”.

Whomever they appeal, they have great expectations for a very good job, qualitative and accuracy translations, prompt delivery. Here intervenes the part of freelance translator: beyond their knowledge, they must show great ambition, enthusiasm and competence in order to realize the best translation grammatical, in spelling and original’s context. As the competition in this market is very tough, they also have to show great respect and seriousness towards the client, large availability for his requirements and “in time” delivery! The personal matters involve also the necessity of translations, generated by different men’s needs.

There are many ordinary people in the world that get in contact with Chinese people, establishing different cultural, personal, friendship relationships and marriages with these. Thus appears for them the necessity of appealing to the translators in order to facilitate the communication, by translating different texts, messages, personal documents, certificates, diplomas, degrees, etc.The translations from/in Chinese language, involves a greater responsibility for the translators than other languages, because of its complexity and difficulty.

For being able to complete the client’s requirements, a Chinese-English translator must have as basis an assiduous training before, good skilful and big passion for Chinese language. Without these three major things, it is very difficult to work with this language! For develop his/her own brand on the translation market and to be recognized by the clients as a good professional, the freelance translator must accomplish in the same time, two important conditions:

1. To pay high attention and responsibility to every project – even it is about a job of 300 words or 10.000 words – pay importance to every detail of the text, grammar, spelling, sense of the phrases and original’s context. He/she must put the entire knowledge, enthusiasm and competence in order to realize the best possible translation and delivering to the client a qualitative and accurate translation.

2. To show great respect and seriousness towards every client, to do all his/her best to solve the entire client’s requirements regarding the translation and to deliver the new text in the term agreed. Before sending the translated text to the client, he has to have no doubt about the translation quality and fidelity to original! That means to be 150% sure about the result of this work and send to the client the expected translation!

Every freelance translator must keep in mind that it takes so long time and it is so hard work to gain “a brand”, to be recognized in the market, but is so easy to lose it! It is absolutely necesary to always keep yourself to the highest standards! As a conclusion, this means two major things: the quality of your work and the seriousness towards the client! The translation market is so tough and no serious translator could afford not to have a proper attitude in this job, in order to maintain his “brand” in top and receive later orders.The translation process presumes more activities than the translation itself. After receiving the project, the translator has to carefully evaluate it by making a detailed analysis of the text, pursuing the grammar, spelling and fancy a first draft of how should be the translated text, in the end. Excepting the properly translation, this process means also the carefully proof read of the new text, two or three times, until the translator is sure about the result of his work! Finally, there is the edit for the final form.

If the translator is not a native speaker of Chinese this is not an impediment in working with this language! However, if during the translation process the translator has some doubts, it is a good idea to counsel a competent natively speaker of this language! This could be contracted as supervisor, who he should appeal sometimes, just in case. The complexity of this language, leads to the necessity of checking sometimes the most difficult parts of the text by taking advice of a Chinese supervisor. It is one of the ways to clarify the doubt parts the translator could have.

He must have high confidence in his abilities to face out any unexpected problem and in his aptitudes and knowledge. And the client will notice that in the translated text and will keep this translator in great regard for next jobs.

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