“This post was initiated when discussing translation techniques with my colleague, about Monday, April 23, 2007, at 10:00 A.M., Cambodia time.”

To create 1 translation because truer because potential to the authentic variation, translator must have access to all of the relevant resources for translation; to be precise: newest up-to-date print dictionaries, computer-based dictionaries, and web dictionaries. Moreover, discussions plus researches into the topic which you are translating above is the most crucial approach to professionalize the translated variation.

Let me bring my individual illustration of being a freelance legal translator for the Asian Human Rights Commission inside Hong Kong. In March 2007, a senior researcher of the Asian Human Rights Commission, based inside Hong Kong, assigned me to translate a book, lengthened 117 pages. This book was in the field of global law plus human rights. To legally professionalize my function, I gathered all relevant global plus nationwide legal instruments inside English versions plus those which were absolutely translated into Khmer (Cambodian vernacular). I even gathered the documents which were translated into Khmer by the UN Office of High Commissioner inside Cambodia plus those translated by the Senate. Also, I even utilized the internet documents, posted found on the senate’s as well as the nationwide assembly’s sites.

Since I truly critically read different documents translated by different official organizations, I found the inconsistencies inside utilizing the words, words, paragraphs, legal terminology plus alternative literary errors in the United Nations Cambodia Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Senate as well as the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Having watched these the inconsistent problems, translator shall have the obligation to result in the nationwide legal document consistent. Not merely translation associated to regulations, however simply any field of translation. To me, translator shall officially report the inconsistencies to the organizations worried, through the nationwide click or online media, till we receive the reaction for measures to rectify these the errors. Cambodia refuses to have some sort of “Translation Association” or any these grouping yet. The process might go quicker, when all translators inside Cambodia have an organization, representing them.

The above argument has initiated another argument: “the advantage of being a translator.”

Personally, I think being a translator is a lot like being paid to critically read the information. Why? As stipulated inside the 3rd paragraph, translator must access to different documents to critically (or comparatively) read the document which you are doing the translation about. In brief, reading to translate signifies you are discussing with plus criticizing the authors, that is the greatest reading talent I have learned.

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