I belong with among the main cultural groups inside Nigeria, Igbo, with be precise. The folks from this cultural group talk a widespread code. The Language has certain concepts which create it a standard or developed code.

Someone defined code because a strictly human plus non-instinctive system of interacting inspirations, thoughts plus desires through voluntarily yielded symbols. By this description, it is very obvious which code is not just a human affair, yet a all-natural plus voluntary method of correspondence. If code is involuntary, individuals ought to be chatting whenever they cannot.

Though languages are basically talked inside vocality plus are fundamentally speech, yet they constitute of symbols. Igbo is regarded as the languages which are special inside characters. Its arbitrariness informs the consumer which there is not any logical connection between your words of the code as well as the objects which represent these objects inside the term of experience. That is to say which there is not any logical connection amongst the signifier as well as the signified. In learnability, the code is basically learned or acquired. It is not inherited. Nature has endowed each regular human being with all the ability or the center to get any code he is exposed with. This center is known as Language Acquisition Device (LAD). It is the device which allows each human being with understand plus know any code.

Igbo code is cultural dependent. Because code is an key piece of the people’s culture, Igbo code defines the persons from this cultural group, their values plus practices which are sent from generation with generation. As an open program, the Igbo Language is creative. It enables the creation of modern words plus utterances. Speakers of the code will express themselves inside limitless methods. Because of its dynamic nature this code is not an inventor of words. It remains merely a code, active plus alive. It grows whenever persons talk it, nevertheless may die or go into extinction whenever individuals stop talking it. As it grows, unique words are introduced with represent brand-new discoveries plus technological advancement. Many words of the code, like any alternative standard code, could grow from employ, plus regenerate later.

Igbo Language is utilized with speak regarding elements which are not inside the immediate environment. It is employed with speak regarding the present, the past as well as the future. The duality of the Language signifies it exists inside 2 methods, the talked as well as the created mode, besides the fact that the talked mode is much more than the created mode. As a language talked with a selected set of individuals, this code is governed by rules plus conventions. Every speaker of the code strives with obey these rules inside purchase to understand the grammatical or correct utterances of the code. As a code really talked inside vocality, it’s composed of sound device that combines with shape words. The pattern of mixture of these sound units could fluctuate according with dialects.

However, it really is incumbent about each Igbo sons plus daughters with understand plus talk their code anywhere they are. As a product of the Igbo Culture, the code assists you with transfer the wealthy cultural history plus maintain it for decades unborn. We cannot join the enemies with destroy the inheritance. “Ndigbo, agwa nti ma o nughi, e gbuo isi, o soro isi laa!” Udo diri unu!!!

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