The holster of globalization carrying modern communication technologies has made a massive impact on our daily lives, cultures and various business transaction processes. The globalization has also made an equal impact on translators’ working style and redefined the translation services. These days translation has become one of the major tools to have a better understanding of different cultures. Readers having a deep interest about different cultures have become more familiar with various cultures and traditions as a result of globalization.

Looking at the present scenario, we find that the process of globalization is moving at a faster rate and there are indications that in the next few years the translation industry will be more profoundly affected than any other industry. Contrary to old times, where the local markets were protected and the manufactured goods were sold locally, now a days the national boundaries and custom tariffs tend to disappear, and this brings a big boom in the demand of translation service. Many firms have started to sense that it’s much easier to outsource the translation of a text than to start entire new manufacturing operations in another country. Now translation buyers are continuously looking for the lowest-cost providers and globalization has helped translators in low-cost-of-living countries.

In the last ten to fifteen years the emergence of internet and its effect on marketing are also putting pressure on small enterprises to become global. As a result of this, it is putting even more pressure on the supply of good translators. Moreover globalization has also brought changes in the literary translation. The texts have become exotic and as a result these translations have also contributed to a better understanding of the source culture. The deadline periods are becoming shorter, everything becomes urgent and the text has to be divided into chunks which are sent to translators in several locations around the world.

The requirement for translation services is increasing proportionately as businesses pursue globalization strategies. The globalization together with the economic change has shown some direct impact on translation service. These days’ translators are equally involved in every part of intercultural communication. Wherever the local language is a powerful parameter, a translator is called in as a decoder and mediator.

Advertising is now one of the new areas of activity that has started making use of the translation services of specialized translators. The amount of advertising translations is also increasing day by day. At present translation is considered crucial to the core business of a global company and nearly all big companies work with the ever increasing number of translation agencies.

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