After a individual born, he or she discover spoken code before created code, a lot of linguists consider created code the created shape of spoken code, that records the human sounds. But, following being built, created code becomes more stable than spoken code. It is considering human depend about their eyes over ears. Because spoken code plus it created shape represent the same meaning, it is actually mandatory to locate out that is deterministic plus that is secondary. If this done, it is a terrific assist to education plus understanding.

Most knowledge human mind shops are from perception of eyes. As thinking deeper plus deeper, a individual usually try to obtain answer within the sceneries inside his mind, i.e. what they have enjoyed. I mean a individual might eventually explain meanings by graphic thinking. In truth, though human communicates to every additional by talking, because auditory thinking ability is more limited than graphic thinking, whenever he finds it difficult to express, he constantly look for created sentences stored inside his mind. If a person doesn’t recognize created code, his thinking is strictly auditory; he could just remember talked code, though he may make any sounds of the code, he don’t recognize many meanings represented by created code.

Since human explain meaning mostly by graphic thinking, because more plus more meanings come out together with development of the society, talked code becomes sound of created code, it rarely represent meaning, rather it receive its meaning by related to its created shape. Ironically, inside this sense, spoken code is spoken shape of created code. This appears unnatural plus difficult to accept, for everybody learn code by hearing plus talking before he will walk, to not state write, the way you could state he is reading anything he not saw before!? To explain this, imagine a mom presents writings or prints with meaning to her child rather of talking, following several time, the child may understand created code before he will talk. Human starts with talking considering talking is advantageous plus simpler than composing, it doesn’t signify talking determine composing. Whenever a individual grows up, created code determines nearly all of what he speaks.

Knowing the relationship between spoken code plus created code, i.e. created code determines spoken code, will assist leaning knowledge plus understanding code. First plus foremost, you really need to make sure you need to understand is knowledge, not code. Knowing about what a sentence signifies, i.e. exactly what it corresponds inside the real planet, is more significant than understanding the writings plus pronunciations. One sentence you need to remember is: code is really a method for representing plus swapping knowledge or meaning.

Next thing is to read more texts possessing knowledge of the interest plus create correspondences to the writing. Today, various common techniques play much attention to hearing plus talking, whilst ignoring the connections between composing plus knowledge, it happens to be not surprising they create small impact. Although composing determines the meaning, understanding its pronunciation plus being fluent inside talking may create we read more fast, plus heighten we oral correspondence ability.

In a word, the leading relationship between contemporary human spoken code plus created code is easy — human uses composing to represent the real planet, whenever they talk out the composing, it becomes spoken code.

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