Translators have an important job. Taking the thoughts and ideas of somebody else and correctly communicating them to somebody who speaks a different language from a different culture who has different points of reference is a crucial and difficult job. From the United Nations to global business interactions, translators are critical to exchanging information in the right way. Poor translation and miscommunication in foreign dealings can have very negative effects.

Bad translation does not always refer specifically to a translator having a poor grasp on a language. Often problems stem from translators being hired who do not live in the country from which translation is needed. Language is a constantly evolving method of interaction; communicating effectively means immersing yourself in a culture. Translators living outside of a country lose touch with the nuances of the language. Confusion during situations that require translation can cause difficulties between discussing parties.

Poor business translation can harm your endeavors and your reputation. Dealing with clients or associates who misinterpret the aspects of a proposition or agreement can lead to confusion and end with business partners not wanting to deal with your company again. People talk; problems that others have had dealing with your company can become news amongst businesses and lead others to not want to deal with you. Even minor misunderstandings stemming from bad translation can balloon into much larger problems.

Instead of hiring a local translator to join you or your employees for business trips to provide a translation service, look to a company with translators stationed around the world. These translators can provide your team members with local knowledge and are familiar with local dialects. To avoid confusion that ineffective translation causes, do not hire someone who has become unfamiliar with the country whose language and customs you are looking to do dealings with.

The best agencies have translators employed in a number of countries around the world. Try to form a relationship with a translation company that can provide translators in more than one country. Being able to rely on one company that provides reliable services globally means you will not have to take risks with a new company every time you expand your foreign business interactions.

It is imperative that the correct style and tone is used to avoid language based misunderstandings. An out of practice or poor quality translator can easily lead to problems. Avoid the confusion; choose a company whose translators live and are immersed in the culture they translate for. Do not risk sending the wrong message, especially when your business reputation is at stake.

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