It is worth pointing out that not every native Swedish speaker can be expected to be a good translator. Just as there are good and bad writers who are native English speakers, there are also good and bad writers among the Swedish. A simple way of evaluating the skill and performance of Swedish translators is to request for samples. This will achieve several things.

One of these is that it will give you an idea about the Swedish translator’s skill. If the document is well written, with properly constructed sentences and the right use of words and phrases then they are certainly worth considering. However, if the final outcome is less than appealing then you might need to consider another choice. Another thing that you will gain is the sense of the translator’s work speed. If an agency spends 96 hours providing you with a 300 word sample, then the odds of them completing a 200 page translation within a week would not be very high.

Another area that you should pay attention to is the experience of the different translators. Translators who have several years of experience behind them will be able to provide better and quicker results. The experience of a Swedish translator is particularly important if you are looking for technical Swedish translators.

It is also important to realize that not every word has to be altered during a Swedish translation. Language specific words such as the name of a meal, place or kind of clothing should still be left in their original form especially if there is no direct equivalent in the target language. The rule also applies to local festivals or shows. A good translator will be able to recognize this and take steps to this end. Most of the more reliable Swedish translation services usually include a footnote which contains an explanation of the unchanged word.

The references used in a document should also be retained during the translation process. Obviously, there are puns, quotes and rhymes that cannot be accurately translated without a noticeable lapse in the quality of the document. Swedish translators are expected to remain true to the voice and style of the original document. This will mean providing a rendition that is faithful to source document without adding or removing anything from it.

Most Swedish translators have websites through which they can be contacted and reached. You can learn more about their qualifications through this window. It is not uncommon for translators to belong to one or more professional translation organization. This is a good thing. Being accredited to a known organization serves as a stamp of the translator’s professional credibility. You can learn even more about their work ethics by contacting some of their former clients.

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