Translation can be a slow process because it is not an automated process. Sure, there are some technologies and software that help translators speed up the process of translation, but it’s not enough to make it a fast process.

What’s involved in the process of translation?

Project management
Source document translation

As you can see there are several steps included in translation. It’s not just a matter of someone sitting down with pen and paper and translating a document in 20 minutes. The reality is that language translation requires serious concentration and attention to detail regardless of the language. Whether it’s Chinese, French, German, or Spanish, translation requires significant time of experienced professionals.

Coordinating all the players in a translation project

A translation project usually requires the work of more than one person, and those individuals could be located all around The United States or Florida. The client must first provide the source document and instructions, and then everyone involved in the project then needs to get to work. Any special instructions should be given to the translation team before the project starts, or at the very latest when the source documents are received. It is also important to let the team know of any time constraints or expectations for the project.

Top this with the fact that the translation is detail work. You would not want to pay for a quality translation only to get the final document and see typos and incorrect formatting. This would not give your product a professional look and feel. It would also create a lot of work for someone on your team to correct. If you demand a rushed product, you’ll get something that looks rushed.

How to get translation the fastest way possible

If you’re in a hurry and need translation fast, there are a few things you can do to get things moving. First, have your documents and instructions ready to go. The less time it takes to send your documents the more time it gives the translation team. Second, allow for at least three days to complete the process of translation (assuming the document is less than 1,000 words). If it is over 1,000 words allow for at least one day per 1,000 words. Third, if you’re patient and don’t interrupt the work of the project team, they’ll have more time to complete the work. Any requested updates should be communicated to the translation team immediately. But asking them every day how the project is going will only take up time from them working on the project. If they have any questions on the project, they will contact you for clarification.

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