Google is set to launch a new app to celebrate the fifth birthday of Gmail. The rumoured innovation is said to be a new email translation service that will enable Gmail to translate incoming email into your mother tongue. This means that you will be able to send and receive emails in other languages.

The proposed tool will be launched at a 5th birthday celebration in Brussels, where the invitation simply states, “Google is celebrating with the launch of an exciting new product.”

Google is already able to translate web pages into almost any language, but so far has not yet cracked email translation. At present though, Gmail is already available in 52 languages, including non Latin alphabet based languages such as Mandarin and Japanese. As expected, this new feature will be 100% free.

It was decided to use a European location as the launch site, as the European Union, with all its different countries and languages, seemed a fitting starting place for a translation service. Many countries also have international branch offices and partnerships all over Europe, which would make an email translation service infinitely convenient.

As with all autonomous services, Google’s email translator is not 100% accurate, and can at times leave the recipient with an unintentionally humorous or nonsensical email to peruse. The mistakes also serve to highlight that there are some instances when it is better to rely on professional translators, such as when you require legal translations.

Disastrous results can occur when legal documents or statements are translated by non-native language speaking translators. If you have important matters that require accurate translation, it’s best to turn to people who have an understanding of all the subtle nuances of the language. Translation services are becoming more important in the global economy and the excitement and buzz generated by the rumoured email translation service is proof of this.

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