Multilingualism In today’s global economy, multilingualism is the norm, not the exception. Professional translation services for any business within our global economy is a necessity, not merely a perk to prospective customers. The United Nations, on its Seventy-First Session, with their Agenda item 125, published on May 10th, 2017, re-affirmed the importance of multilingualism in our global community and noted…

The Pitfalls of Google Translate

With the convenience and toolbar of Google Translate readily available and for free, many people take advantage of what seems to be a great convenience. However, there is a lurking danger that Google has failed to warn users of: That its translations are incorrect particularly when it comes to subject-specific material. This is not a tool that should be used…

ATIO responds to CISOC and HIN

ATIO states that their Press release was to get media attention about the state of Community Interpretation in Ontario. Ms Collishaw seems to still not understand what our Translation and Interpretation industry needs and looks like in 2012.

Community Interpreters in Ontario – Immediate Release – response to ATIO

OCASI, whom is a member of The Ontario Network of Language Interpretation Services (ONLIS) responds to the ATIO news release.

ATIO refuses to recognize Standards already in place

HIN response to ATIO's press release about interpretation services related to Ontario's health care sector. HIN has worked for years for health care interpreters and organizations to develop standards. ATIO refuses to acknowledge the existence of these Standards in the same way they seem to find fault in Translation Certification standards such as EN 15038 and CAB/CGSB-131.10.