With the consumer goods industries constantly growing to reach wider and more diverse audiences, Language Marketplace® Inc understands the challenges facing businesses today as they grow their business and the importance of communicating your brand message throughout the whole world.

Language Marketplace has dedicated specialized translation teams to help you communicate effectively in any language and culture.

Language Marketplace is a certified translation service provider with CGSB 131.10 Certification as per the Canadian Standards Board. We are also certified for translation services by the international recognized certification standard, ISO 17100. As such, all our translations are translated and then proofread by a second translator. Our linguists are not only experts in a specific field, but they are also native speakers who have a unique understanding and the experience of giving voice to a product. Our human translators also know the complexities involved in adapting that voice to a global market.

Whatever the task at hand, Language Marketplace offers translations done by the most skilled, 100% human translation professionals available in the industry.

With a commitment to superior customer service and human translations that are translated and proofread by a second translator, we offer quality that is unrivalled. Language Marketplace delivers exceptional results. Over the past 10 years, our translation teams have worked with the numerous clients in the retail, food and beverage, electronics, personal care, etc, consumer products and final goods industry. We provide services in over 140 languages.

Language Marketplace has the expertise and experience to provide reliable, human, language support services for all your translation requirements.