Doing Language Differently

Language Marketplace only provides certified quality services using a process that gives our clients confidence. We do not offer any lower tier services such as machine translation, draft quality, well-enough, single-pass, etc. These can and are being supplied by others – our key is focusing on clients that require language translation and interpretation services that actually EXPECT to have their documents/messages read and clearly understood by end users.

This area of language quality is truly a "niche" market, with the vast majority of translation service providers focusing on Machine Translation, and Machine Assisted Translation with the vast majority of finished product never having to be fully read or understood.

Language Marketplace understands that this area is a small market, but we thoroughly thrive in it. We know from years of experience that clients that are truly focusing on the end user to gain there trust and understanding will seek our services. We have over 10,000 clients who trust us when the message REALLY matters!

Images of awards

WBE is dedicated to advancing the success of certified women business enterprises and corporate members to drive economic growth and prosperity through supplier diversity. In 2015, Ema Dantas, Language Marketplace’s Business Manager and CEO, was awarded the President’s Award for her contributions assisting woman in the government procurement process at the Federal level within the Procurement of Professional Services Sub-committee within PWGSC.

Language Marketplace’s phenomenal growth has been 100% organic, attributed to our quality, timeliness, cost effectiveness and great personal service. This growth is clearly attributed to customer satisfaction, a key driver to our rapid increase in market share. As a result, Language Marketplace was ranked in the PROFIT TOP 500 fastest growing companies in Canada for 2013.

Furthermore, Ema Dantas, Chief Executive Officer and Business Manager, has received the distinction of being listed on the 2012 Châtelaine W100 Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs, for her leading changes resulting in Language Marketplace’s great success in the language service industry.

Language Marketplace strictly adheres to client’s requirements and we also pride ourselves in providing value-added services. We are one of the few language organizations in Canada Certified to both CGSB131.10 and the worldwide recognized ISO 17100, which has a mandatory requirement that ALL translation projects are revised by a second independent translator. Our certified process ensures this methodology is ingrained in our standard operating procedures.