Management of our Process


Our Document Management Process

Language Marketplace is integrated within a wide range of document management systems. Based on the needs of our clients to ensure their document management is based on their internal security protocols, we work with (and often within) our clients chosen system. We do not impose on our clients how their information should be organized and accessed –we only provide a “secure service” for their documents that require translation.

Our Process Management Experience

Our clients work with an assigned Language Marketplace Team; that includes an Account Manager and Translation Team(s). Our Account Managers are merely facilitators to ensure understanding and to document any changes to requirements. A wide range of interactions can occur between the client and our team; they can occur regularly depending on the complexity of projects. They range from terminology clarifications right up to changes in project parameters; text revisions, deletions or additions!

Language Marketplace works as a “Team” with its clients, and an integral part of that team are our translators who thoroughly understand the needs of each assigned client.