Translation FAQ's

Please find below a listing of frequently asked questions in regards to translation services. If you have further questions please feel free to email us at .

Quality, Price and Confidentiality?

How can I be sure that your work is the highest quality?
Language Marketplace is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality translation services, and as such we do not use machine translation. We are certified for Translation Services as per the internationally recognized norm, ISO 17100. This process and quality standard requires that all translated documents be translated by a team of translators (one translator and a separate proof-reader). We are also CAN/CGSB-131.10 Certified.
Do you use machine translation software to localize?
Just try dumping a few sentences into the many software packages available on the Internet - go back and forth into the languages and see the mess that can be created! Now imagine those sentences representing your company in foreign markets. Believe us; we have re-translated many documents/websites that caused serious credibility issues, cost overruns, etc, all because it was not done right the first time.
How do you price your work?
Written translation projects are based on the document word count of the source language. Rates differ from European and Asian languages, normal and rush jobs, small and high volume assignments. We will give you a fixed quote upon learning the details about your project. To obtain a quote within 24 hours, please e-mail or call for details. If you wish to translate your website, send us your web site address (URL). We will review your site, request any additional information and then provide you with a complete estimate.
Are there any hidden charges?
No. You only pay for the work that was completed. We will provide a charge per word price before we start a project and we guarantee to not alter it once it has been given, so long as you don't change the source material. With Language Marketplace, you won't ever face any unexpected charges!
How is the final invoice calculated?
For translated written material, we take a verifiable electronic word count of the source language file and multiply this count by the per word rate given in our initial quote. You will ONLY pay for the number of words in the source language - there are no hidden fees. Certain languages will expand or contract during the translation and your coordinator can give you an idea based on his/her experience.
How do you ensure confidentiality of my information?
All Language Marketplace translators and interpreters abide by the Translators' Professional Code of Ethics set by professional translator associations around the world. This implies full confidentiality and non-disclosure of client information. For projects involving sensitive information and documents, Language Marketplace practices signing confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with both translators and clients. We can work within your standard agreement and policies.

I am ready to start a project

Will you give me a no-obligation free quote before the start of the project?
Yes. We aim to deliver accurate quotes within 2 working hours of any client request - without obligation, of course. Simply follow the instructions on our quotation page - it's simple and fast.
How can I send my documents to you?
You can send the documents to us by e-mail, fax or regular mail. If you have the document available in electronic format, we would prefer that you e-mail it. Please attach the document to your email message and specify your project requirements and the program in which your document was created. When we look at your document in electronic format, we will give you a fixed quote for its translation. If, however, you only have a hard copy of the original document, please fax it to us to (905) 279-0618. For large-size documents, you will need to fax us just a few representative pages. We will provide you with an approximate quote based on those sample pages. You can always mail the document to us if you have it only in hard copy and need to get a fixed quote for its translation for budgeting purposes.
How much will my project cost?
You will need to send the document to us along with your project requirements. The documents can be sent to us in three different ways. We will review your documents and provide you with a quote usually within hours - we will notify you if we need more time. If you have an urgent project, please call us and we will see if we can help you. We will assign a project manager to you once we start working on your project. This person will be in contact with you regarding your project requirements, expected turnaround time and other issues. You will be able to contact the project manager with any questions that you may have during the course of your project.
What turnaround time can I expect?
This will depend on the size and complexity of your project and the number of languages into which the documents need to be translated. Keep in mind that a typical translation process involves several steps: project evaluation, terminology identification, translation, editing and proofreading. Remember ALL these steps are included in your quote; some companies may charge extra for some of these services. We will estimate the turnaround time for your project based on your documents and project requirements. Our record for meeting deadlines is excellent - even when the deadline is a tight one! We've worked with deadlines of two hours to two years - let us show you what we can do.

I want to learn more about your translation process

Who will manage my project at Language Marketplace?
We will assign a project manager to you once we start working on your project. This person will be in contact with you regarding your project requirements, expected turnaround time and other issues. You will be able to contact the project manager with any questions that you may have during the course of your project.
How do you select the team for my project?
All our language professionals are certified accredited and/or hold linguistic degrees. When selecting a team for your project, we make sure that our translators have the language expertise as well as the in-depth technical experience to handle your unique subject matter.
What are the steps of the translation process?
A typical translation process involves several steps: project evaluation, terminology identification, translation, proofreading and editing.
How will you deliver the finished project to me?
There are various ways that a translation can be delivered to you: electronic/soft copy, hard copy, or both electronic file and hard copy. We will deliver the documents to you according to your requirements.

I would like to translate my website 

How much will it cost to translate my website?
If you have an existing website, you will need to give us its Internet address (URL) in order for us to review it. We will then ask you to provide us with the latest archive of your site or its specific portion that you want translated. We will then give you a quote on translating the text. Finally, we will produce a comprehensive proposal within 24 hours that will specify website translation stages, turnaround time, and costs. You must specify whether you want graphical text included or excluded in our calculations.
How exactly do you translate websites?
We take your existing website and download all text/graphics, etc that is language dependent. We confirm with the client the exact requirements, and then we translate it and culturally adapt the text, localize graphics wording and finally ensure your webmaster has accurately made all substitutions. If you have online inquiry forms and order forms, we make them accessible in the appropriate foreign language(s).

I have a question about my ongoing project

You are working on my project and I need someone to call me right away
Should you have a problem or question during the project, please call us right away at 1-888-918-5455. In most cases, you will need to speak with your project manager who, if needed, can refer you to other departments within our company.
I need to make changes to my project
To place a change order after your project has been started, you will need to call your project manager at 1-888-918-5455. You can also send . Most change orders carry additional charges, so please keep this in mind when finalizing your requirements before assigning the project to us.
I cannot open the files you sent me
Most documents require compression or encoding before they can be sent over the Internet. You may need our help opening them. Please send or call your project manager at 1-888-918-5455.
I cannot read documents you sent me - the fonts do not look right
You may need special fonts or a different operating system to read foreign language documents. Please call us at 1-888-918-5455.for technical assistance or e-mail.
What cities in the USA do you provide services?

Please see our city pages where we provide services, along with location information:

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